Nancy's Famous Sauce

Nancy's Famous Sauce came out officially on October 27, 2016, This Sauce is good on Meat, Vegetables, Pasta, Eggs, Potatoes, Seafood, and Chips! Good for grilling, dipping, baking and marinating, Sweet with a Hint of Heat this sauce will have you licking your finger and coming back for more.

Here is a recipe you can make a 5 bean soup with one box of chicken broth, 2 or 3 Turkey neck and some chop tomatoes, put it in a crock pot and let cook until done.  Get you some tortilla chips, some sour cream and add Nancy's Famous Sauce. Good eating, this is just one of many ways you can eat this sauce.

12 Ounce Bottle $8.00
Also available in 1 Gallon and 5 Gallon

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